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Tomasi Tourism S.r.l. is the latest offspring of the historic TOMASI CASE real estate group.
We are a young and dynamic company that was founded in 2012 with the construction of its first two accommodation facilities at the Lidi di Comacchio: the Airone Bianco Residence Village and the Playa Dorada Residence, which were followed, in the subsequent years, by the Pomposa Residence, the Holiday Homes and the Flamingo Residence Hotel, which opened in 2018.
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Our main objective is the development of the wonderful territory in which we are located and the promotion of tourism on the Lidi di Comacchio and in Emilia Romagna, with particular attention to slow, responsible and eco-sustainable tourism.

Comprehensive customer care and the promotion of tourism are the pillars of our philosophy, but there is more: for several years, we have been actively engaged in the redevelopment of the area and the secondary homes on the Lidi.
All this has been achieved through a cultural revolution that has led, in recent years, to an awareness of the potential for tourism in Comacchio and the introduction of the "Villaggio Diffuso" format. Which refers to the realisation that the holiday home is part of a tourism framework and an area with wide margins for growth and development, now and in the near future.
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With the creation of our "Case al Mare" department, we have finally united the real estate profession with the tourist business, offering a flexible, dynamic and transversal context with a sales and rental service tailored to the individual needs of the client.
The flagship of the proposal is the guaranteed income, which represents a safe investment, risk-free and fully customisable according to needs.

We are at your complete disposal, ready to welcome you and satisfy all your needs at the "Casa Rossa" office in Loc. Collinara, S.S. Romea n. 6 in Comacchio.