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Locanda Del Delta

Located in the heart of the picturesque town of Comacchio, the Locanda del Delta was opened in May 2019, adding a new accomodation with restaurant where you can experience the Po Delta Park.

The Locanda is the result of an elaborate reclamation and renovation project of an old 19th-century building, which was once used as a tavern and housing for the staff working on the Salt Pans. Today, it is an accommodation facility equipped with a restaurant and six rooms, with a traditional yet elegant and modern design at the same time.

The restaurant has 70 seats and a menu featuring modern interpretations of local culinary specialties. It aims to be not only a traditional restaurant but also a multifunctional, culinary and meta-culinary space to organize food and wine events, such as show cooking, literary cafes, meetings on various themes and more.

From the windows of La Locanda del Delta, located between the charming district of San Pietro and the historic center, you can see the Delta Antico Museum, the Sbirri Bridge and, in the distance, the Clock Tower and the Loggia del grano. A few steps away is the Trepponti Bridge, Comacchio's historic monument par excellence, and the various bridges and churches, intertwined by the canal system that makes the town stand out, making it like a "little Venice."
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