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Welcome to Comacchio and its Lidi, in the heart of the Po Delta Park.
The right place for a healthy holiday, between sea and nature. At our resort you can relax but also enjoy the surrounding areas thanks to the many excursions organized by our staff.

The Po Delta Park is the biodiversity realm: hundreds of species of flora and fauna can be found in these places. The strong presence of birds makes the territory of the Comacchio Lagoons one of the most wellknown area of Italy for birdwatching vacantions: pink flamingos, avocets, herons, egrets, and many other species gather in these lands.

In this wonderful area between land and water, woods and pine forests alternate with lands touched by of soft or salt water. A true spectacle of rare and evocative beauty, enhanced by the summer sun, but made more magical and mysterious by the winter fog.

The Po Delta Park landscape will make your holiday in the Lidi of Comacchio an unforgettable moment and a unique experience.

The Lidi of Ferrara are also close to famous art cities, rich of history and culture. Our tours offer you the possibility to visit Comacchio, Ferrara, Ravenna e Venice.

Just thirty minutes away from Lido delle Nazioni, there’s Mirabilandia, one of the biggest amusement park in Europe where you can spend a funny day, full of emotions.

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